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Get 1 ON 1 Mentoring To Get Into Medicine

Get 1 on 1 mentoring to get into medical school

The FutureDoc 1 ON 1 Coaching Programme is the complete mentoring programme to coach you through the entire medicine application process. Get 1-ON-1 support through the entire journey to help you get into your first choice medical school.

Our Success Rate

Because of the nature of a programme like this, we’ve had incredible success by offering help with getting into medicine.

Our team of medicine application tutors have helped students get into the most competitive medical schools, including; University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London – UCL, King’s College London – KCL, Queen Mary University of London – QMUL aka Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bristol, The University of Manchester, Cardiff University and many more…

Anyone applying to UK medicine with open eyes is smart enough to understand that nothing is guaranteed (and should be very skeptical about anyone who says otherwise).

However, with the right training, you can build an application that makes you ‘so good they can’t ignore you’.

Lewis always wanted to go to Cambridge Medical School… Here’s how he did it

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The Challenges Of Applying to UK Medical School

  • The fear of rejection
  • Will I meet the grade requirements
  • I'll let myself down at interview
  • Will I be able to afford the fees?
  • Can I cope with the pressure?
  • Worrying that 'I'm not the kind of person that medical schools will accept'
  • Often people don't know any doctors, or have any doctors in the family to help them.
  • My personal statement or interview technique will let me down
  • Achieving the high score required in the UCAT, BMAT & GAMSAT to be in with a chance to get into medical school
  • Having to settle for a different career path that ultimately isn't what I want, but is easier to achieve
  • Am I using the best resources?
  • Feeling unprepared, or worse, not realising how much work is required and where they need to focus their attention
  • Worrying that you will fail and have wasted a year of your life applying to then not get in
  • Not having good guidance
  • Will I make silly mistakes that I could've avoided by having the right kind of information?
  • Wondering whether you are good enough to warrant a place at a UK medical school.
  • A constant niggling doubt that I'm not good enough (you are 😊)
  • The feeling that you may lose the opportunity to become a doctor. 'Will this be my only chance ?'
  • Being intimidated by the competition or the competition ratios; especially if applying to UK medicine as an international or graduate student
  • I don't want to let myself down. I worry that I won't give a true representation of my abilities.
  • I know I will do well at interview but fear that I won't reach the cut-off score to show universities in person how good I actually am

**Some of these are legitimate fears, and rightly so. It's through our method of teaching (see below) that we tackle all of those fears, remove the mental blocks, and take action on the areas that we need to strengthen so that we turn these fears into your biggest assets.**

We’ve helped hundreds of students reach their dream of becoming a doctor, and we can do the same for you.

The secret to getting into UK Medical School

Over the last 10 years, we’ve learnt a lot about what makes a strong medical school application, what’s likely to succeed and what areas need work.
We’re always trying to work out what the secret sauce is. The truth… there is no secret. Applying to medical school is just a game, and we teach you how to play the game perfectly.

The reason we’re so successful

The reason we have the success we do is mainly down to two things:

  1. The method we teach (see further down for an explanation of how that works)
  2. Student selection – ensuring we are taking on the right kind of students who will work together with us to succeed and maintain our reputation for success. That is why students wishing to partake in this programme are required to submit an application to be accepted onto the programme.

The secret to getting into UK Medical School

Although we significantly increase your chances of succeeding with your medical school application, and have demonstrated this with years of past success, we of course cannot guarantee your entry to medical school. (Be wary of anyone promising ‘guaranteed entry’).

We are here to make your application so strong that medical schools cannot ignore you. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but we can give you the best possible chance by training you to submit an application of the highest possible calibre.

The secret to getting into UK Medical School

These days no-one wants to take responsibility. No one wants to put their neck on the line to help someone. It’s easy to make an online course and just leave people to their own devices.

It’s easy to set up a YouTube channel and just give generic advice. There are very few people out there who are willing to take responsibility for someone and guide them through.

People who will take you under their wing and be accountable for your success. That is what our programme is here to do. To take responsibility for your future and master the medical school application process for you and with you.

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Our Method

Our method is incredibly successful for three reasons:


We are incredibly thorough – the first thing we do with the students that we accept onto the programme is sit down together to carry out a long STRATEGY CALL. This is where Dr Hilton will go through the entire application with you and dissect everything from; your grades; which medical school choices are the most tactical and likely to succeed for your situation; the key preparation steps we need to ensure success; making sure you have the right work experience (and arranging some if you don’t); going through your personal statement; making sure you score highly in the UCAT, BMAT and/or GAMSAT; how you’re going to perform well at interviews; EVERYTHING! By the end, we have a robust plan for how we’re going to deliver your personalised medical school mentor programme.


We’re highly individual – once we’ve laid out the plan for how we’re going to get you into your dream medical school, we match you with a tutor from a similar background to you (Undergrad/Postgrad, International/Domestic etc…) who is from your first choice medical school. e.g. if you are an international graduate student applying to Oxford, we will pair you with an international graduate student currently at Oxford. You can be guided by someone who has successfully done the exact same thing that you are trying to achieve. This way, we can give you an inside scoop on what is required to succeed with applying there. And with that, you get several sessions per month at the very least… see below for more details on this.


We are extremely dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you get in. When you join us, we make a commitment to giving you our absolute best to help you reach your goal. We realise that this is your future and don’t take it lightly that you have trusted us with such an important task. We pride ourselves on delivering the support you need to help you get the result you want, and will do whatever we can to keep it that way. So if you’re struggling with a certain aspect of your application, Dr Hilton is there to support you in whichever way you need to get you to meet the mark. He is so committed to his students that he has now gone part-time in his work as a doctor in order to devote more time to them.

Exponential growth

What people don’t realise with the medical school application is that progress isn’t necessarily linear. One experience will lead to another, which then leads to more opportunities for growth. Your application will then improve at an exponential rate.

So after a few months of us guiding you, your application will have transformed and reached a level you never thought possible. Students look back after a few months and can’t believe the progress they have made under our guidance.

They are practically unrecognisable from the growth both they and their application have achieved. That is why we say that the sooner you start this process, the better. The more time we can spend helping you, the stronger we can make your application.

What else is included?

We offer at least four cycle-dependent teaching sessions per month. We’re dedicated to giving you everything you need to succeed.
Other things you will benefit from include:

  • A 1 ON 1 tutor for the UCAT

  • Official UCAT talks

  • A 1 ON 1 tutor for the BMAT

  • Official BMAT talks

  • Tactical application lessons

  • Tactical university selection workshops

  • Personal statement workshops - where we go through how to write your personal statement together

  • Continuous individual personal statement reviews with your tutor

  • In-person mock interviews (and virtual for those who cannot travel)

  • International students applying to UK medicine: individual help from international tutors who have gone through the same application process you have

  • Individual graduate entry medicine help: you will get a GEM tutor to give you specific advice for how to succeed in this incredibly competitive area

  • Access to the community, where we share the most up-to-date information, so you can stay on top of the key information that will help you on your way to becoming a doctor.

  • Our amazing piece of technology, the medical school selection tool. First we ask some information specific to you, then help you pick the right medical school individually for you.

  • PDF’s that condense down all the information from all the most important books into easy cheat-sheets for you to remember and implement

  • Help with the psychological side of things. It’s not always easy. It’s often stressful. We help you with the best success & productivity hacks to keep this process as calm, organised and stress-free as possible. We also work with you to plan your studies and how to manage them alongside your medical school application to ensure that you don’t fall short in any important areas.

  • GAMSAT Sessions: These sessions are for Graduate Entry Medicine applicants. Currently, the available resources for this application pathway are quite limited. Therefore GEM students end up either not performing well in the GAMSAT or not sitting it at all, and cutting their application options in half. GEM is incredibly competitive, so leaving half of the university options out makes the job twice as difficult. In these sessions we teach you how to perform well in the GAMSAT, and reach a score that helps you stand out in this ultra-competitive branch of the medical school application.

  • Graduate Entry Medicine: We have hours of talks on how the graduate entry medicine application route differs. These include; common grad mistakes; common misconceptions about graduate students applying to undergraduate medicine; some less-known entry routes to medicine. We also tap into; what you need to do differently when applying at grad level to stand out; how to tailor your GEM application; which GEM universities to apply to; and how GEM interviews differ. See more details below…

We also have an online course for every aspect of the medical school application

  • Ace The UCAT Course: 20 hours of videos, 200 lessons and over 350 practice questions. People who’ve joined us after an unsuccessful attempt the previous year from this course alone have improved their scores from 2350 to 3000+

  • Ace The BMAT Course: Our BMAT course contains over 10 hours of video lessons, spread over 40 modules, as well as all of the material and possible questions from Sections 1, 2 & 3, plus 60+ walk-through questions, where we show you a technique guide for tackling each type of question. This is the material that all my Oxbridge tutors teach on my FutureDoc programme where we’ve helped many people score highly enough to get into the most competitive BMAT uni’s. We’ve now combined all that knowledge into one place where you can have one comprehensive, easy-to-digest resource. That way you can improve quickly and reach the 12+ score required for London and Oxbridge Uni’s.

  • Medical School Personal Statement Course: Write a medicine personal statement worthy of getting into medical school with our step-by-step how-to course. Learn how to write a personal statement for medicine or dentistry that not only gets you invited to interview, but guides the interview panel to make your interview questions plane sailing.

  • Panel & MMI Interview Success: Here, I share my experience from sitting on interview panels and a decade of helping students get over the final hurdle of the medical school journey. This course includes over 16 hours of video lessons spread across 120 modules, 60+ live mock interview scenarios with real students and explanations of what they did well/could improve, and 40+ explanations of how to answer the most common interview questions with model answers.

  • The A-Z Of How To Get Into UK Medical School: This course takes you on a step-by-step guide to teach you the formula of building a successful application. This is the course that I wish I had when I was applying. It tells you everything that you should be doing at each stage of the application, the most important steps to ensure you have taken and- most importantly- BIG MISTAKES to avoid.

  • International Students Applying To UK Medicine – we have a course specifically for internationals applying to UK medical school. See more details below…

How the programme came to be

This programme came about very organically, partly by chance, mainly by necessity. It began back in 2010 when Dr Ashley Hilton (a medical student at the time) was asked by his housemate Stephen- an international student- whether he would help his younger sister with her application to UK medical school.

As a favour he happily served as her medical application tutor. After he successfully gave her help with getting into medical school, she asked whether he could help two of her friends.

He then helped both of them, and again was successful with getting them in first time around. Then started the snowball effect of recommendations that escalated to the point where he had more students than he knew what to do with and accidentally had started a business!

Since then, it has continued to evolve and grow into the online platform that you see today.

Graduate entry medicine help

  • Graduate medicine applicants usually have the toughest time when applying to medical school. Unlike undergrads, who get medical school help at college from careers advisors, grads are often left to work it out for themselves. Adding onto that, GEM courses are the most competitive of the bunch. FutureDoc has an entire branch dedicated specifically to helping graduate entry medicine application candidates complete their often long journey to medicine. All the advice out there is usually tailored to undergrad students. Grad applicants have developed a significant amount since then. Selectors want to see a much more accomplished set of experiences, and a more refined personal statement and delivery of answers at interview. But how do we do this, when all the advice out there is generic and aimed mainly at undergrad applicants? At FutureDoc we have graduate-specific workshops looking at all the parts of the GEM application that differ from the regular 5-year applications, including; how to choose the best GEM medical school; how to write a mature, sophisticated personal statement that shines
  • amongst other grad applicants; how to build an application that ticks all the boxes for grad; help with the GAMSAT; how to achieve the ridiculously high UCAT scores required for GEM; and how interviews differ for graduate entry medicine. Furthermore, grads often make the mistake of applying to undergrad courses, thinking that this will give them a better chance of getting in, but don’t realise that this isn’t quite how it works. Often GEM university selection is the key difference between success and failure at such a competitive level. We have entire workshops dedicated to selecting the best medical school choices for graduate applicants, and how to choose those that best suit your specific situation and give you the highest chance of success. You’ll also get a dedicated graduate entry medicine tutor to give you 1 ON 1 support with the GEM application, and go through everything with you individually.

International applicants

International students are often the ones most in the dark about applying to medical school. Typically, there is about a 6% success rate for international students applying to UK medical school.

You Will Learn All The Important Ins And Outs About Applying Such As:

  • Choosing the best UK medical school for international students
  • Learning how to use the medical degree to work as a doctor back in your home country
  • What international grades count to apply to UK medical school
  • How to get the right VISA to study medicine in the UK
  • Getting funding for UK medical school as an international student
  • Getting the correct work experience when applying from abroad
  • How to get NHS work experience when living in a different country
  • How to write an international applicant personal statement for UK medicine, and present a convincing reason for why you want to come and study medicine in the UK
  • Scoring highly in the aptitude test, even if English isn’t your first language
  • How to succeed at the international applicant medical school interviews
  • Learning how to thrive at a UK medical school
  • How to adapt to the UK’s culture and lifestyle
  • Being the best doctor you can be
  • As well as many other important strategies needed to successfully get into a top UK medical school.

Repeat / resit medicine applicants

Often people come to us after having failed attempt(s) to get into medical school. We’ve had people come to us on their on their 4th attempt of applying to medical school and get in after going through the FutureDoc program. Frequently, they had previously made major mistakes that neither they nor their teachers had noticed. We’ve had really good success with students who come to us on their second, third or even fourth attempt at getting into medical school.

The first thing we do is go through the previous attempt(s) with a fine-toothed comb and work out exactly what didn’t go our way last time before making a robust plan for how we’ll make this attempt the one that finally gets us that long-awaited place at medical school.

Once students have their strategy call, they realise where they went wrong in the past. Once they have their eyes opened and carry out their plan under our guidance, they finally crack the code and make the changes they need to make this attempt the one that gets them over the line.

We also help with dentistry applications

You can read a little bit about Dr Hilton’s story here. As you may well know, after getting into medical school he also got into one of the most competitive postgraduate medicine courses at the best dental school in the world, King’s College London.

We also have a fantastic team of dental tutors that have given students help to get into graduate and undergraduate entry dentistry.
Here- just like for medicine- you can get a tutor to get into dentistry in the UK, and enjoy the same benefits we mentioned above as well as a dental school 1 ON 1 coach.

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