Get 1 ON 1 Mentoring To Get Into Medicine

The FutureDoc 1 ON 1 Coaching Programme is the complete mentoring programme to coach you through the entire medicine application process. Get 1-ON-1 support through the entire journey to help you get into your first choice medical school.

  • UCAT / GAMSAT: Score in the top 5% with our intensive support
  • Work Experience: We help you gain the optimal work experience to impress the selection board
  • University-specific help: If you have one particular school in mind
  • Tactical University selection: looking at your individual strengths and weaknesses to decide where you’re most likely to succeed
  • Personal statement support: Putting the best you forward
  • Interview Training: Teaching you how to reach 100% conversion from interview to offer
  • Individual 1 ON 1 Support tailored to you

Why is this programme so unique?

These days no-one wants to take responsibility. No one wants to put their neck on the line to help someone. It’s easy to make an online course and just leave people to their own devices.

It’s easy to set up a YouTube channel and just give generic advice. There are very few people out there who are willing to take responsibility for someone and guide them through.

People who will take you under their wing and be accountable for your success. That is what our programme is here to do. To take responsibility for your future and master the medical school application process for you and with you.


Although we significantly increase your chances of succeeding with your medical school application, and have demonstrated this with years of past success, we of course cannot guarantee your entry to medical school. (Be wary of anyone promising ‘guaranteed entry’).

We are here to make your application so strong that medical schools cannot ignore you. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but we can give you the best possible chance by training you to submit an application of the highest possible calibre.

What else is included?

We offer at least four cycle-dependent teaching sessions per month. We’re dedicated to giving you everything you need to succeed.
Other things you will benefit from include:

  • A 1 ON 1 tutor for the UCAT
  • Official UCAT talks
  • Tactical application lessons
  • Tactical university selection workshops
  • Personal statement workshops - where we go through how to write your personal statement together
  • Continuous individual personal statement reviews with your tutor
  • In-person mock interviews (and virtual for those who cannot travel)
  • International students applying to UK medicine: individual help from international tutors who have gone through the same application process you have
  • Individual graduate entry medicine help: you will get a GEM tutor to give you specific advice for how to succeed in this incredibly competitive area
  • Access to the community, where we share the most up-to-date information, so you can stay on top of the key information that will help you on your way to becoming a doctor.
  • Our amazing piece of technology, the medical school selection tool. First we ask some information specific to you, then help you pick the right medical school individually for you.
  • PDF’s that condense down all the information from all the most important books into easy cheat-sheets for you to remember and implement
  • Help with the psychological side of things. It’s not always easy. It’s often stressful. We help you with the best success & productivity hacks to keep this process as calm, organised and stress-free as possible. We also work with you to plan your studies and how to manage them alongside your medical school application to ensure that you don’t fall short in any important areas.
  • GAMSAT Sessions: These sessions are for Graduate Entry Medicine applicants. Currently, the available resources for this application pathway are quite limited. Therefore GEM students end up either not performing well in the GAMSAT or not sitting it at all, and cutting their application options in half. GEM is incredibly competitive, so leaving half of the university options out makes the job twice as difficult. In these sessions we teach you how to perform well in the GAMSAT, and reach a score that helps you stand out in this ultra-competitive branch of the medical school application.
  • Graduate Entry Medicine: We have hours of talks on how the graduate entry medicine application route differs. These include; common grad mistakes; common misconceptions about graduate students applying to undergraduate medicine; some less-known entry routes to medicine. We also tap into; what you need to do differently when applying at grad level to stand out; how to tailor your GEM application; which GEM universities to apply to; and how GEM interviews differ. See more details below…
We also assist with...
GraduatesInternational ApplicantsRepeat/Resit ApplicantsDentistry Applicants

Graduate entry medicine help

Graduate medicine applicants usually have the toughest time when applying to medical school. Unlike undergrads, who get medical school help at college from careers advisors, grads are often left to work it out for themselves. Adding onto that, GEM courses are the most competitive of the bunch. FutureDoc has an entire branch dedicated specifically to helping graduate entry medicine application candidates complete their often long journey to medicine. All the advice out there is usually tailored to undergrad students. Grad applicants have developed a significant amount since then. Selectors want to see a much more accomplished set of experiences, and a more refined personal statement and delivery of answers at interview. But how do we do this, when all the advice out there is generic and aimed mainly at undergrad applicants? At FutureDoc we have graduate-specific workshops looking at all the parts of the GEM application that differ from the regular 5-year applications, including; how to choose the best GEM medical school; how to write a mature, sophisticated personal statement that shines. Amongst other grad applicants; how to build an application that ticks all the boxes for grad; help with the GAMSAT; how to achieve the ridiculously high UCAT scores required for GEM; and how interviews differ for graduate entry medicine.

Furthermore, grads often make the mistake of applying to undergrad courses, thinking that this will give them a better chance of getting in, but don’t realise that this isn’t quite how it works. Often GEM university selection is the key difference between success and failure at such a competitive level. We have entire workshops dedicated to selecting the best medical school choices for graduate applicants, and how to choose those that best suit your specific situation and give you the highest chance of success. You’ll also get a dedicated graduate entry medicine tutor to give you 1 ON 1 support with the GEM application, and go through everything with you individually.

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Panel & MMI Interview Success

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