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Our unique proven process ensures you avoid rejection and reach your dream career. Here's how…

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  • You’ll start by having us dissect your entire application, looking at every minute detail; grades, work experience, personal statement, aptitude tests (e.g. UCAT), tactical medical school choices, interviews… everything! This means you’ll have a clear plan and your own individual milestones to keep you on track with your roadmap to success. Discover the fatal mistakes to avoid, or—if you’re a re-applicant—learn what to change to succeed this time around.

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    Aptitude Tests

  • UCAT / GAMSAT You’ll discover our proven method for securing a top 5% score in your aptitude test(s). You’ll discover the secrets to comfortably reach a top score, whilst the rest waste time and energy worrying.

  • 03.

    Work experience

  • Work experience forms the backbone of the strongest applications. Learn how to build the right combination of the three different work experience types that universities find most appealing. You’ll feel confident having the best possible work experience profile to get you to—and past—interview.

  • 04.

    Personal statement

  • Do not make the mistake of underestimating the personal statement. Our five-step process ensures you present yourself in the best possible light and sets the stage for you to shine at interview.

  • 05.

    Core knowledge

  • Your level of understanding about the profession, its ethics and current affairs will determine your success. The core knowledge module not only gives you the understanding to reach a category above the other applicants but is delivered at the optimum time in your application journey. This means you’ll have the most up-to-date information, provided at the most important time, so that you can perform at your best when it matters.

  • 06.

    University Selection

  • Often the most misunderstood part of the entire application. You are an individual, with your own unique attributes, strengths and weaknesses. You’ll undergo our incredibly rigorous university selection process. Once completed, you will know THE best four university choices for you. Those most likely to succeed for your distinct circumstances, and how to appeal to your most desired schools.

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  • This is where all the hard work pays off and you show the universities why you deserve a place on their course. Learn how to elevate yourself from a student hoping to be chosen by the universities, to the universities hoping they’re chosen by you! You’ll enjoy the most thorough interview training available, meaning not only will you emerge as a bulletproof candidate, but you’ll also actually enjoy your MMI and panel interviews.

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  • We’re proud to consistently achieve over 90% success with getting students into their top university choices. We guide you through the entire process to make sure you submit the best application you can and claim a place at the university you deserve.

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Our programme is incredibly thorough, and its record speaks for itself. We are very confident in our ability to help you reach the medical or dental school of your dreams. The programme is designed in such a way that any student that approaches with the right attitude and work ethic will transform themselves into the kind of student that is very likely to get a place at their first choice university. That way, to ensure we allow right sort of people onto the programme, applicants are required to complete an application form and have an interview with our admissions team to see whether they qualify.

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