Dr Ash Hilton

Dr Ashley Hilton


Dr Ashley Hilton is a dual qualified doctor and dentist, pursuing a career in the very exciting field of Maxillofacial surgery, which involves reconstructions of the face and mouth. Dr Ash attained his medical degree from Cardiff University in 2013. He then decided to pursue a specialty called Maxillofacial surgery, where—in the UK—surgeons have to hold a degree in both medicine and dentistry. To do this, he got onto the most competitive medical course in Europe called the ‘Dental programme for medical graduates’ where 130 people compete for just 10 places. On this programme, delegates complete five-year dental degree in just three years. This was at King’s College London, ranked 1st in the world for dentistry. It was no surprise that he was so successful with his application, given that he has been using the exact same techniques he had been teaching his students for the past several years.

He began helping students get into medical school back in 2010 when Dr Ash (a medical student at the time) was asked by his housemate Stephen—an international student—whether he would help his younger sister with her application to UK medical school. As a favour he happily served as her medical application tutor. After he successfully helped her get into medical school, she asked whether he could help two of her friends. Again, he was successful with getting them in first time around, which started the snowball effect of more and more recommendations, and Future Doc was born.

Since then, it has continued to evolve and grow into the online platform that you see today, with incredible success at getting hundreds of students into their first choice medical schools. Alongside helping students for over a decade, Dr Ash has sat on selection panels, so knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the fence. He can tell you from first-hand experience exactly what makes applicants claim or throw away their spot at medical school. Anyone, with the right strategies and guidance, can get into medical school. Dr Ash show you how.

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