Our Method

How the programme came to be.

This programme came about very organically, partly by chance, mainly by necessity. It began back in 2010 when Dr Ashley Hilton (a medical student at the time) was asked by his housemate Stephen- an international student- whether he would help his younger sister with her application to UK medical school.

As a favour he happily served as her medical application tutor. After he successfully gave her help with getting into medical school, she asked whether he could help two of her friends.

He then helped both of them, and again was successful with getting them in first time around. Then started the snowball effect of recommendations that escalated to the point where he had more students than he knew what to do with and accidentally had started a business!

Since then, it has continued to evolve and grow into the online platform that you see today.

We’ve helped hundreds of students reach their dream of becoming a doctor, and we can do the same for you.

Written Testimonials

Our Success Rate

Lewis always wanted to go to Cambridge Medical School… Here’s how he did it

Because of the nature of a programme like this, we’ve had incredible success by offering help with getting into medicine.

Our team of medicine application tutors have helped students get into the most competitive medical schools, including; University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London – UCL, King’s College London – KCL, Queen Mary University of London – QMUL aka Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bristol, The University of Manchester, Cardiff University and many more…

Anyone applying to UK medicine with open eyes is smart enough to understand that nothing is guaranteed (and should be very sceptical about anyone who says otherwise). However, with the right training, you can build an application that makes you ‘so good they can’t ignore you’.

Our Method

Our method is incredibly successful for three reasons:

01Incredibly Thorough

02Highly Individual

03Extremely Dedicated

We also assist with...
International Applicants
Repeat/Resit Applicants
Dentistry Applicants

Graduate medicine applicants usually have the toughest time when applying to medical school. Unlike undergrads, who get medical school help at college from careers advisors, grads are often left to work it out for themselves. Adding onto that, GEM courses are the most competitive of the bunch. Future Doc has an entire branch dedicated specifically to helping graduate entry medicine application candidates complete their often long journey to medicine. All the advice out there is usually tailored to undergrad students. Grad applicants have developed a significant amount since then. Selectors want to see a much more accomplished set of experiences, and a more refined personal statement and delivery of answers at interview. But how do we do this, when all the advice out there is generic and aimed mainly at undergrad applicants? At Future Doc we have graduate-specific workshops looking at all the parts of the GEM application that differ from the regular 5-year applications, including; how to choose the best GEM medical school; how to write a mature, sophisticated personal statement that shines amongst other grad applicants; how to build an application that ticks all the boxes for grad; help with the GAMSAT; how to achieve the ridiculously high UCAT scores required for GEM; and how interviews differ for graduate entry medicine.

Furthermore, grads often make the mistake of applying to undergrad courses, thinking that this will give them a better chance of getting in, but don’t realise that this isn’t quite how it works. Often GEM university selection is the key difference between success and failure at such a competitive level. We have entire workshops dedicated to selecting the best medical school choices for graduate applicants, and how to choose those that best suit your specific situation and give you the highest chance of success. You’ll also get a dedicated graduate entry medicine tutor to give you 1 ON 1 support with the GEM application, and go through everything with you individually.