Medicine Interview Course: Panel & MMI Interview Success

Our BRAND NEW Online Interview Course

FutureDoc is the online platform that helps students get into medical school at their first attempt.

From my experience sitting on interview panels, I’ve been helping students get over the final hurdle of getting into medical school… their medicine interviews for over a decade. This course condenses everything I teach in my 1-ON-1 sessions into an easy-to-digest course.

Syllabus & sample lessons

The course includes:

  • 120 lessons, over 10+ hours of content
  • The 40 most common questions and model answers
  • 60 live interview scenarios for you to watch other peoples’ attempts and learn from them
  • Ethics & interview technique workshops

This course covers all the knowledge, techniques and advice that I’ve been giving students over the last years to succeed at interview and claim their place at medical school.

The course covers everything you need to know for both panel and MMI interviews, including:

  • 12 key modules that come up at interviews, such as professionalism, teamwork & leadership, work experience etc.
  • How to answer questions on current affairs
  • Medical ethics
  • Common questions
  • Unusual questions

We’re also going to look at some live examples from my students being interviewed and then critique their answers and show how they improved after some guidance to deliver a more structured answer

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Adapting To Online Interviews

Work Experience

Teamwork & Leadership

The Multidisplinary Team

The National Health Service

Personal Insights

Teaching & Explanation

Breaking Bad News

Empathy & Communication


Medical Ethics

Insight Into Medicine

Bonus Material

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