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A student studying for the UCAT

Finding out how universities use the UCAT is part of a strategic application, and if done correctly, will maximise your chances of getting into medical university.

If you would like to find out more about applying strategically, take a look at our How To Apply Tactically To UK Medical School blog article.

The way that the UCAT is used varies from university to university, and some put more emphasis on it than others.

We compiled a list of 20 UCAT universities for this blog post to assist you with your strategic application.

We did extensive research to find how these institutions will use the UCAT, but keep in mind that this can change from year to year and in doubt, contact the admissions team directly.

University of Aberdeen

The UCAT scores of candidates are evaluated in the interview selection process, but they are not the only factor. They are taken into account, as well as actual and anticipated academic success, when determining who will be chosen for an interview. There is no minimum UCAT cut-off score. The applicant’s overall performance in UCAT is compared to all other applicants to Aberdeen, and a score is assigned.

The total numerical score from the four subtests: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract thinking, and decision making is used to assign a score. The SJT will not be scored, but it may be utilized to make offers where candidates have similar results.

The lowest UCAT score accepted for interview in 2020 was

  • Home fees: 615
  • Rest of UK fees: 622.5
  • International fees: 605

Anglia Ruskin University

There is no official UCAT cut off score.

Applicants with a Band 4 on situational judgement will not be considered for interview.

Aston University

There is no explicit UCAT score criteria because your score will be considered in conjunction with all other entrance requirements. As a result, neither the UCAT nor the Situational Judgment Test (SJT) component of the UCAT have a cut-off score.

University of Birmingham

There is no minimum cut-off score for the UCAT. Your overall UCAT score (excluding the band result for the Situational Judgment Test, SJT) will be ranked with the scores of all candidates. The scores will be divided into deciles, with each decile receiving its own score.

For example, the top 10% of applicants’ scores will be in the top decile and will get a maximum score of 3.5. For reference, the decile ranges for 2020-21 (converted to a 0–3.5 scale) are as follows:

Total UCAT scoreDecileConverted score
2910 and above10th3.500
2790 – 29009th3.111
2730 – 27808th2.722
2670 – 27207th2.333
2620 – 26606th1.944
2560 – 26105th1.556
2500 – 25504th1.167
2420 – 24903rd0.778
2320 – 24102nd0.389
2310 and below1st0.000

KEEP IN MIND that this changes from year to year, depending on how the cohort performs.

UCAT Situational Judgement

The band score from the situational judgement section of the UCAT will only be used at the interview stage.

University of Bristol

With the exception of Situational Judgement, the aggregate score from all subtests will be used to select applicants for interview. Applicants with a UCAT score of 2690 or higher were invited to interview for 2020 admission. The number utilized as an interview criterion, on the other hand, varies from year to year.

Cardiff University

There is no cut-off score for the UCAT, and it “may be used as part of the selection process”.

University of Dundee

There is no UCAT cut off score.

University of East Anglia

There is no UCAT cut off, and although a high score is desirable, a low score won’t automatically disqualify you.

Applicants are ranked for an interview based on their UCAT score.

Edge Hill University

The UCAT results will be used to rank applicants who fulfill the minimal academic requirements. Depending on the number of interviews to be held, a UCAT criterion will be determined.

Applicants who score high enough on the UCAT will be called to an interview. The University’s UCAT threshold may vary from year to year, as it is determined by the scores obtained by students who apply to in each admission cycle.

Any applicant who has a Band 4 on the Situational Judgement Test will be instantly disqualified.

University of Edinburgh

After receiving all of the scores they are ranked and split into deciles (10 equal groups), and assigned a score. Your situational judgement banding is also given a score. The points are then added to your academic score to help determine your final ranking, which will determine whether you are shortlisted for Interview.

When final selections are made and there are candidates with the same ranking score and limited spots left to offer, the total score an applicant received may be looked at again.

Any applicant who has a Band 4 on the Situational Judgement Test will be instantly disqualified.

University of Exeter

For the UCAT, there is no needed minimum score. In past years, however, applicants with a score of less than 2500 were typically not invited for an interview.

University of Glasgow

The UCAT does not have a minimum passing score. However, the range of scores considered for interview annually varies based on the cohorts achievements.

The situational judgement exam won’t be taken into account.

Hull York Medical School

As part of the applicant selection for interview, HYMS grants points depending on your overall UCAT score and your UCAT situational judgement Band.

After interviews, we assign points based on your UCAT situational judgement Band as part of the offer selection process.

Keele University

Applicants having a total UCAT score of less than 2,280 or a band 4 result on the situational judgement exam (SJT) will not be considered.

Kent and Medway Medical School

For various categories, the medical university has different UCAT thresholds. The four groups are split into four categories based on their educational levels:

– Pre-A level/IB with GCSEs (Group A)

– Group B: Post-A Level/IB or pre-graduate

– Group C: Post-bachelors education

– Group D: Other, which includes no school information, Scottish and international credentials.

King’s College London

There is no cutoff or minimum requirement for the UCAT.

The Situational Judgement band will be considered.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester won’t know what their threshold will be until after the UCAT deadline since it will be dependent on the standard of scores obtained that year. The criterion varies from year to year.

If you reach the UCAT threshold and get a Band 1 or 2 on the Situational Judgement Test (SJT), you will almost certainly be called to interview as long as you fulfill the basic academic requirements.

However, there are certain practical limitations to the number of interviews provided each year. Candidates are ranked based on their UCAT total score and SJT band if the quantity of highly scoring candidates exceeds the number of interview seats available.

Applicants who score a Band 4 on the UCAT’s Situational Judgement Test (SJT) will not be considered. SJT band 3 applicants are encouraged to apply. However, in both UCAT and holistic examinations, preference to applicants who score in the first and second bands will be given.

Newcastle University

Students are ranked based on their UCAT score and the top division is invited to interview.

As a results, the UCAT threshold changes each year. In the past, these were the cut off marks for UCAT results:

Year = UCAT Cut-off

2018 = 2580

2019 = 2720

2020 = 2730

Unfortunately, students who score a Band 4 on Situational Judgement will be automatically rejected.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham utilizes your UCAT scores if you have met their minimal GCSE admission criteria.

The UCAT gives you a score in five distinct categories:

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Situational Judgement

UCAT assigns a score of 900 to the first four categories. You’ll be placed in one of four bands based on your results from the Situational Judgement Test.

The University gives its own scores based on the UCAT results to ensure that a few points higher or lower won’t affect an application in most cases. Based on recent studies, the University will place a higher priority on your verbal reasoning ability and will double your score in that area starting in 2022.

The cognitive skills section of the UCAT is worth a maximum of 60 points.

Cognitive Skills
UCAT ScorePoints
801 to 90012
701 to 80010
601 to 7008
501 to 6006
401 to 5002
Situational Judgement Test
SJT BandPoints
Band 160
Band 245
Band 320
Band 40

Unfortunately, applicants achieving a Band 4 on Situational Judgement will not be considered for interview.

University of St. Andrews

The SJT will be utilized as part of the interview process, and the results will be factored towards the overall interview score.

The UCAT global score will be used to rank applicants who fulfil the fundamental academic criteria. Those in the top 400 or so will be contacted for an interview. The interview score will be used to determine offer decisions. In cases when applicants have the same interview score, the overall UCAT score will be utilized to distinguish them.

Each year, the UCAT exam varies, and the range of results that the School can evaluate varies as well, based on the performance of each admissions cohort.

The lowest score for candidates summoned to interview at St Andrews in recent years has been approximately 2400. The School will not know the anticipated UCAT results for individuals who will be called for an interview until they have assessed all applications.

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Written by Weronika Nocun