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Aston University

Securing a place in medical school requires more than just academic prowess; it demands a holistic evaluation of candidates' abilities, motivations, and readiness for the rigors of both education and practice. Aston Medical School, renowned for its commitment to fostering well-rounded healthcare professionals, employs a meticulous selection process designed to identify individuals poised for success in their intensive course and future careers.

At the heart of Aston's selection process lies a commitment to fairness, consistency, and transparency. Candidates embark on a multi-stage journey where academic qualifications and the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) serve as vital benchmarks. Through a comprehensive ranking system, applicants are assessed and invited for interviews, where they undergo a series of 7-10 stations, each lasting 6-8 minutes. These interviews delve into crucial areas such as understanding of medical practice, motivation, communication skills, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and ethical considerations like compassion and respect.

The Process
The application processes employ fair, consistent and transparent procedures to recruit applicants who are well-rounded individuals with the ability to cope with an intensive course and a demanding career.

It is a multi-stage selection process with both the academic qualifications and UCAT being important. Applicants are ranked and invited for interview based on their position in the ranking and the number of interview slots available.

The Interview

Type - 7-10 stations
Length - 6-8 minutes each


December to March


  • Understanding of studying and practising medicine
  • Motivation
  • Verbal communication
  • Listening skills
  • Understanding of teamwork
  • Understanding of leadership skills
  • Understanding of compassion, respect and dignity
  • Problem solving

Working Experience - They do not require applicants to have healthcare related work experience but do expect them to have some exposure to a work place.

Exams? - GCSE

5 GCSEs/IGCSEs at grade 6 (B) - must include English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Double Science (or international equivalent).

A Levels

Must include Chemistry & Biology & pass in practical exam


  • Applicants - 1293
  • Interview invites - 441
  • Offers given - 322
  • Chance of success post-interview - 73%

How Important is the Personal Statement? - Read in conjunction with reference, but not scored.

Used to differentiate borderline candidates

UCAT Scores - There is no Aston Medical School UCAT cut off score. There is no SJT cut off.

The lowest UCAT interviewed in 2020 was 2110 for non-widening participation (Non-WP) applicants and 1900 for widening participation students. In 2021, the lowest UCAT score for Non-WP was 2150.

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