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Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Joining the esteemed ranks of medical professionals at Brighton Medical School (BSMS) is a journey marked not only by academic prowess but also by the embodiment of personal qualities and untapped potential. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricate tapestry of the BSMS admissions process, where the synthesis of qualifications and character unfolds in tandem.

The Process – BSMS gives equal emphasis to applicants' academic qualifications and their personal qualities and potential. Based on information from applications, candidates will be recommended by the admissions board to be invited to interview. Individual offers will depend on interviewers' recommendations.

The Interview –

5 discussions, each in a separate breakout room within the main Zoom meeting, lasting nine minutes with a short break between each discussion. BSMS will assess each element of a discussion as either Excellent, Good, Average or Inadequate, before issuing a mark out of 10. After the five discussions, the candidate will then receive a global score out of 50 (combining their five marks out of 10).


Interviews are held between December and January with decisions made between January and April


  • Skills and attributes of a good doctor
  • Experiences
  • Professional performance
  • Genuine interest in the medical progessions

Work Experience - Brighton Medical School does not place requirements on the amount and type of work experience a prospective medical student should have. However, they do expect candidates to: have a realistic understanding of medicine and what it means to be a doctor; have had some experience of engaging with a wide range of people and understand the realities of a caring profession and display some of the skills and attributes essential to be a successful doctor.

Exams? – GCSE

Grade 6 (B) in English & Maths

A Levels


Must include Chemistry & Biology

Statistics –

  • Applicants- 1148
  • Interview invites- 667
  • Offers given- 352
  • Chance of success post-interview- 53%

How Important is the Personal Statement? – Personal statement is not used in any part of selection process.

BMAT Scores – Brighton Medical School ranks the BMAT scores out of 28 (add all three sections, 5 for each part of the BMAT essay)

BMAT Cut off scores at Brighton & Sussex University:

  • 2021 entry: BMAT cut-off 17.8 or above, 18.8 for international applicants
  • 2020 entry: BMAT cut-off 14.7 or above. International applicants BMAT cut-off 15.8 or above
  • 2019 entry: BMAT cut-off 16.1 or above.

As well as this, all three of the following criteria needed to be fulfilled:

  • Section one: a score of at least 3 or higher
  • Section two: a score of at least 6 or higher
  • Section three: a score of at least 2.5 C or higher